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Items Goodwill Cannot Accept

Thank you for donating to Goodwill. Your donations of items in good condition are tax-deductible, and the proceeds from selling donated items help support our services for people who are disabled, disadvantaged or elderly.

It is not cost-effective to repair or refurbish donated goods to prepare them for sale to our customers; therefore, donated goods must be salable “as is” in our stores. In addition, because of insurance and hazardous waste disposal, we are unable to accept items on the following list. This includes items for children that are frequently recalled and could pose a danger.


NOTE:  Computers are among the most common items we must turn down. They are difficult to sell because of rapidly changing technology and the fact that they are often not in good working order. They are costly for Goodwill to dispose of because they pose an environmental hazard.
Automobile or truck parts

Blinds or window treatments (unless in original packaging)
Building materials
Children's car seats
, cribs or playpens
Food or food products
Firearms and ammunition
Furniture that cannot be sold as-is

Gas-powered items
Hazardous materials - i.e. oil, whiteout, Freon, gas, turpentine, paints, stains, propane, fuels, etc.

Mattresses or box springs
Outdoor children’s toys - i.e. swings, jungle gyms, slides etc.

Sofa beds  and sofas with recliners

For additonal information about donating items to Goodwill-Suncoast, please contact our
Donations Department at or (727) 523-1512, extension 1440.
Goodwill Industries-Suncoast, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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